HyVal Industries, Incorporated

A leader In hydraulic equipment troubleshooting and repair; servicing government and commercial customers since 1978. HyVal Industries specialty is hydraulic and mechanical repairs on all military and commercial marine vessels including Hydraulic Pumps and Motors, Steering Gears, Anchor Windlasses, Deck Machinery, Stern-gates, Side-port doors, Cranes, Conveyors, Ballast Valve Systems, CRP and CPP Systems, Bow Thrusters and many other systems.

Overhaul and repair of critical systems marine line hydraulic pumps and motors for NAVSUP Mechanicsburg. HyVal Industries has been recognized as qualified by Parker/Denison Pump Division as a valuable partner in the repair and overhaul of marine line 60 series and Goldcup pumps in the Norfolk, VA. Waterfront area. HyVal Industries maintains its excellent hydraulic pump repair reputation by performing the highest level of workmanship while using genuine OEM repair parts for all major components that have tractability back to the OEM. HyVal keeps a large inventory of OEM pump parts in stock along with a full network of associate distributors and partners ready to assist in providing our customers the quickest possible turnaround times.

Hydraulic System Flushing with State of the Art Oil Analysis of particle and water count performed onsite or in house.

HyVal Industries is listed as a repair activity for Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) NAVSUP Mechanicsburg, PA. . Various hydraulic pumps, motors and valves are sent to HyVal Industries from the fleet and Naval Supply Center's for repairs. HyVal Industries utilizes the Commercial Asset Visibility System (CAV-WEB) to constantly keep NAVICP informed of the status and progress of the unit(s) in for repairs. HyVal Industries adheres to the strictest quality control requirements and has regular process control inspections from the local DCMA office

HyVal Industries has a full machine shop with TIG, MIG and Stick Welding on premise to support the various commercial and government ship repair items when needed.

HyVal Industries hydraulic hose shop is equipped with the Crimp Master hose crimping machine which is capable of assembling Caterpillar hoses up to 2" and 100R1 through 100R13 hose assemblies. In addition we offer hydraulic tube bending, flaring and the setting of tube fittings for most standard hydraulic tube assemblies.

HyVal Industries maintains an extensive Quality Management Program which ensures compliance with current NAVSEA, Quality, Measurement and Safety Standards. All customer requirements can be supported with a written Process Control Procedure or an EPCP..



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